University of Surrey (UoS)


University of Surrey
United Kingdom

Contact Person: 

Heather Gage

The work in England will be undertaken at the University of Surrey (UoS) in collaboration with internationally renowned experts in dementia research at Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) and Bradford Dementia Centre (BDC).  UoS has expertise in cognitive neuroscience and neurological disorders, health and wellbeing in aging, health services research and health economics.  The Centre for Dementia Studies at BSMS focusses on measurement of quality of life in dementia, evaluation of new treatments and services, and the interface between policy, research and practice. The BDC is a multidisciplinary organisation at University of Bradford with over 20 years experience developing and evaluating interventions to improve care practice and services. It specialises in research-informed knowledge transfer activities in dementia care, including accredited distance learning education programmes, and has extensive experience of developing and implementing web-based learning.


Prof. Heather Gage is a specialist in health economics and will coordinate the team in England from within the Surrey Health Economics Centre in the School of Economics at UoS. The group is engaged in many externally funded multidisciplinary projects, including dementia. Heather Gage is a member of the Primary Care Clinical Study Group of the Dementias and Neurological Diseases Research Network (DeNDRoN). Prof. Sube Banerjee directs the Centre for Dementia Studies at BSMS and clinically, works as an old age psychiatrist in Sussex. He led the development of the National Dementia Strategy and conducted the national enquiry into the use of antipsychotics in dementia for the UK government. Dr. Ramin Nilforooshan is a consultant psychiatrist with special interest in dementia research, and medical lead for research in Surrey and Borders NHS Foundation Trust.  Prof. Jan Oyebode is Professor of dementia care at Bradford Dementia Group (BDG), University of Bradford, and consultant clinical psychologist, and acts as principal investigator on an NIHR funded study of cognitive rehabilitation in early-stage dementia. Wendy Parker is a researcher at UoS with previous research involving disabled children.

Role in the consortium

UoS leads WP2, and contributes to WP3 and WP4. BSMS will recruit participants for the pilot study, and UoS will provide the economic analysis in WP5.