Rhapsody Mid-Term Meeting in Maastricht

The General Assembly of the Rhapsody project took place in Maastricht, the Netherlands from April 22nd till April 24th, 2015. A Junior Researcher Workshop organized by the German Alzheimer Association preceded the meeting. At the workshop, the young researchers were able to discuss first results of their work on the project, they were able to learn about other projects being conducted in the Netherlands and also discuss hot topics in dementia research, which present at times ethical dilemmas for the scientists.

Mid-Term Meeting was an opportunity for the Rhapsody Consortium to hear about the first findings of two work packages (WP). One of the outcomes of WP2, lead by the UK team, which analysed and compared social and healthcare systems and policies in countries involved in the project, is that existing and accessible services for people with YOD differ widely. The Netherlands is most advanced in regard of what is available to serve people with YOD and their families, where in other countries services are almost non-existent.

Summary of results of WP3, headed by the Netherlands, were also presented to the project partners. The focus of work was on group interviews with informal carers, which were held in each participating country. Participants were asked about their care needs and their thoughts about an online program. The results show that carers find the medical information about YOD is a lot less important than information about how to deal with challenging behaviours and obtaining practical information for day to day living.

The e-learning program is being currently designed and developed taking into consideration results of the first two work packages. WP4, directed by a team from Munich, Germany together with information multimedia communications AG, presented an outline and a first glimpse of the program to the group.

WP5, lead by French team, presented nearly finalized methodology of the pilot study for discussion to the Consortium. As the protocol is being developed and e-learning program designed, each and every one of the teams also including Portugal and Sweden, will be taking very active part in the work being done, showing that the project is a truly international effort.  

Various ways for how to guarantee sustainability for the online program and also for the dissemination of materials in addition to the program were also deliberated by the group and lead by WP6 team from Berlin, Germany.

It was a very successful and productive General Assembly for the Rhapsody Consortium where numerous topics were presented, results and ideas discussed. During the next project phase, the first results of the work packages will be published. The design and development of Rhapsody e-learning program is to be completed by the end of the year and final preparations for the pilot study are do be finished by early next year. 

To learn more about different working groups involved in the project, please visit the Rhapsody Project website under http://www.rhapsody-project.eu/project