RHAPSODY final meeting in Berlin, Germany

The RHAPSODY consortium met in Berlin, Germany, on June 19 - 20 2017 to review the course and results of the project. At that time the randomised, controlled pilot study evaluating the e-learning intervention was finished.  

Initial results of the pilot study were discussed within the consortium. The intervention was positively rated by the users regarding usefulness, comprehensibility and ease of use. Carers’ depressive symptoms, perceived stress and sense of self-efficacy in fulfilling the caring role did not change after 6 weeks of access to the program. However, the intervention was associated with modest but significant reductions of patients’ disease-related symptoms including disruptive behaviours, and with reduced negative reactions in caregivers to memory difficulties. 

The consortium decided that the e-learning program will be disseminated in partnership with national Alzheimer’s organisations and other NPOs as a complementary resource to existing services.

Inspired by the positive findings the researchers now plan to submit a large-scale follow-up project to JPND to determine the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the intervention in comparison with standard face-to-face counselling.